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MapTiler is graphical application for online map publishing. Your map can create overlay of standard maps like Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Microsoft VirtualEarth or OpenStreetMap and can be also visualized in 3D form by Google Earth. Only thing you have to do for publishing the map is to upload the automatically generated directory with tiles into your webserver.

Supported files for conversion: TIFF/GeoTIFF, MrSID, ECW, JPEG2000, Erdas HFA, NOAA BSB, JPEG and more...

MapTiler is fast C/C++ software for map tile rendering with a graphical interface as well as command line, made by the authors of GDAL2Tiles utility.

Map processing evolution from the creators of GDAL2Tiles/MapTiler: MapTiler Pro

An example to demonstrate it’s power: Rendering of map (51025x73135 pixels) with raster reprojection on a standard computer with 16 cores against GDAL2Tiles:

MapTiler Pro 50x faster then GDAL2Tiles with half of the size tiles!

Learn more about the MapTiler Pro.

Examples of generated viewers and tiles (click and try):

All those presentations were automatically generated by MapTiler/GDAL2Tiles application. MapTiler generates from your map a directory with tiles, you just have to copy it to your webserver.

Grand Canyon: USGS DRG

Grand Canyon: USGS DRG

Overlay of Google Maps
Google Earth embedded in browser
KML for Google Earth

Source file: USGS DRG maps

Natural Earth II

Natural Earth II

World Enviroment Map in Natural Color
KML for Google Earth

Source file: Shaded Relief

Victoria BC: NOAA BSB Nautical Chart

Victoria BC: NOAA Navigational Chart

Overlay of Google Maps, Virtual Earth, Yahoo Maps, OpenStreetMap and OpenAerialMap

Source file:NOAA RNCs

More info about included functionality:

Text from the poster

Description of Google Maps Projection and Coordinate system | Google Maps Opacity Control

In case you need to generate tile overlay from vectors/shape files you can also use Mapnik project. WMS server can also provide a data for tile overlay for Google Maps/Earth check projects or

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